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    1. Technology

      The series of products of Thermal-Break profiled:
         For meeting various marketing's requirement,we have installed two inserting nylon-bar production line made in Switzerland with capacity of 5000 tons per annum,and a injection latex-liquid production line made in United States with capacity of 5000 tons per annum,production process according to Europe and US standard by nylon-b-ar made in Germany or latex-liquid materials made in US, to insure the our productsperformance of mechanism intension and anti-temperature.Our products are excell-ent materials  for door;window and curtain wall to saving energy;Thermal-Break; sound insulation.

      The series of products of complicated process workshop:

        The workshop possesses of digital computer control machine tools; incision machinetool and drill press made in German, and other advanced equipment.The workshop isable to process various  high level products for decoration; industrial; furniture field.