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        C9 petroleum-resin(Cold poly)


        TYPE: RC-L110140

        Product profile

          RC-L100,L110,L120,L130,L140 mainly made by product carbon 9 fractions which is fromethyleneunit as raw material, it is a thermoplastic resin produced through some processes such as pretreatment, polymerization, distillation etc. C9 petroleum-resin isn’t a high polymer but a low polymer which the molecular weight is among 300-3000. Generally speaking, This kind of resin doesn’t use singly, but can be used with other resins as accelerant, regulator, and modifier.


        Product features

        1.It has the characteristics of low acid value, good solvency, resistance of water, alcohol,chemicals, and so on.

        2.It has chemical stability to acid-bases, and can regulate viscosity and has strong heat stability


        Products specifications:



        1.Printing ink:The resin owns the characteristics of resistance of water, melting,and dryness.When it be put into printing ink,it plays immediate role on vehicles,quick-drying,and brightening,and moreover,it can increase the printing performance. So it can be used to make various printing ink.


        2.Coating:Petroleum-resin can mix with some kinds of drying oil in the production of paint. Coating of each color can be gotten from mixtures of various resin and pigment. The coatings produced by petroleum-resin are widely in surface coating of vehicle, vessel, and bridge. It greatly improves the brightness, hardness, water resistance, and alkali resistance of paint film, and reduces the production cost.


        3.Rubber:Petroleum-resin applies to addition agent of natural and synthetic rubber. It can improve shaping operation and increase the hardness and flexibility of products. As hardness and aging resistance of rubber are improved, this resin is especially applicable to be as softening agent for SBR rubber, and used for the production of rubber tubing, vee-belt and tire.


        4.Adhesives: Petroleum-resin has good cohesive property, it is a preferable tackifier between adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. It can be used in adhesive for plywood, wall paper and leather production. This resin has good waterproof performance. Because of small shrink rate during solidification process, it can be used in foundry industry.


        5.Others:This kind of resin has a has the characteristic of a certain unsaturation,can be used as glue on paper.


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